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Terms of Shipment

       Shipping To AU/NZ: 

Method Shipping Time Frame Price
Standard Shipping(0-A$98.99) 10-12 business days A$10.99
Standard Shipping(A$99.00–A$148.99) 10-12 business days Free
Priority Shipping(0-A$148.99) 6-9 business days A$14.99
Priority Shipping(A$149-A$178.99) 6-9 business days Free
Express Shipping(0-0.2kg) 3-5 business days A$45.95
Express Shipping(0.201-0.5kg) 3-5 business days A$39.95
Express Shipping(0.501-1kg) 3-5 business days A$49.95
Express Shipping1.01-1.5kg 3-5 business days A$59.95
Express Shipping 1.501kg and up 3-5 business days A$79.95
Express Shipping(A$179.00 and up) 3-5 business days Free